Structural Calculations

Professional calculations to meet building regulations

Why Do I Need Calculations?

If you are extending or changing your home, you will likely need structural calculations.  It is very important that a qualified structural engineer looks over the whole project to make sure that the proposed works do not adversely affect the building.  Calculations and detailed drawings will be required by your builder, to advise them on key structural elements of the build.  The building control authority will also want to see and check the calculations before giving your project approval. 


Why Should I Use Webb Structural Design Ltd for My Project?

Webb Structural Design Ltd produces detailed and high quality calculations.  We only work in the domestic sector and we have many years experience in this area.  We can work closely with either yourself, architect or builder to produce a cost effective scheme.  A lot of engineers will design 'over-the-top' solutions, whereas we try to keep things as simple and economic as possible.  We are well known by the local building control authorities and our work is rarely questioned by them.

What Will You Issue To Me?

All of our work is issued electronically (unless you request a postal copy).  You will be issued a PDF document that can be easily opened on your computer.  The calculations will include detailed calculations for the required elements of your project.  The calculations are produced on excel type software and not hand-written.  Detailed drawings will accompany the calculations.  The drawings will also be computer generated and not hand-drawn.  We will either produce our own drawings, or sometimes we will modify or add to your architects drawings.


What Will it Cost?

We normally price each project with an individual quotation.  Each project is unique in terms of design content, location and requirements.  If you already have architectural drawings, please send them to us and we can quickly provide a detailed quotation.  If you do not have any drawings, please contact us to explain your requirements and we can advise on the likely costs.


How Many Times Will You Visit The Property?

Most projects can be successfully completed with a single visit.  For very simple projects, that have detailed architectural drawings, we may not need to visit site.  We will advise you of the number of site visits required in the quotation.


Can I See An Example of Your Work?

Yes, of course you can.  Please contact us and we will send over a recently completed project for you to look at.